Caisson Boston

The Steel America fabrication shop is making huge milestones this quarter; one being the laying of the keel plate for Caisson #1 for the Charlestown Navy Yard. While all projects are special to Steel America, Caisson Boston is an especially exciting contract for the Steel America team. Not only is Steel America the prime contractor for the project, but this project is for Dry Dock One (DD1) at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston, Massachusetts- the home of the USS Constitution.

Dry Dock One is one of the first two dry docks in the United States and is a historical landmark at one end of the Boston Freedom Trail. DD1 has an overall dimension of 341ft x 100ft and serves as a safe haven for the USS Constitution which has been identified as a potential terrorist target and is especially vulnerable to water-borne attacks.

USS Constitution Museum:

The caisson, a large floating gate, seals Dry Dock 1 from Boston Harbor. The original built in 1833 was made of wood. In 1902, it was replaced with a steel caisson, which was the first steel hull constructed in the Charlestown Navy Yard. The second caisson remained in use until 2015, when a new one manufactured in Norfolk, VA by Steel America was installed in preparation for USS Constitution‘s current restoration.

Dry Dock 1 in the Charlestown Navy Yard and its companion dock in Gosport, VA were the first two public dry docks built in the United States. Both docks were built between 1827 and 1833 and were considered engineering marvels at the time.

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On-Site Fabrication Team

While the Steel America shop is busy with work in Norfolk, our on-site fabrication team is providing excellent on-site fabrication assistance at a local jobsite. It is a difficult and intricate welding project that requires an on-site fabrication team. Almost a year ago, the initial purchase order called for one supervisor and five welders. The fabrication project has since grown to one superintendent, four supervisors, forty-eight welders, and four Quality Control employees.

Superintendent Brian Treat says,

“Everyone from the Steel America team has put in superior quality and effort to make this project successful. I knew taking on this project would be difficult, but the exceptional team of supervisors and welders brought onto tackle this project has made it worthwhile. The project would be nonexistent without the dedication and drive of everyone that has been a part of it.”

The Steel America management team and production team is extremely proud of the progress the team is making. We are excited to see this on-site fabrication project expand and grow over the upcoming months/years.

Steel America’s on-site machining services provide the benefits of a fully equipped machine shop on the customer’s site. Please contact us if you would like more information concerning deployment of our on-site fabrication team and fabrication capabilities.