From our Friends at FARO/Quality Digest

Published: Friday, January 20, 2017
By: Stephanie Rubiaco, Marketing Coordinator

In the fall of 2016, Ryan Day with Quality Digest reached out to Steel America to do a case study on Steel America’s use of the FARO Laser Tracking System. The FARO Vantage Tracker utilized in the shop and in the field, allows Steel America to take accurate measurements of the project (on-site foundations for example) before, during, and after various steps in production to ensure dimensional control. Steel America’s Operations Manager, Chris Hartwig, provided excellent insight to the benefits of having in-house laser tracking services. “Even though some of SA’s customers require third-party verification, they use the Vantage tracker for in-house verification before inviting a third party. ‘If a part fails a third-party inspection and they have to return to recheck… well, they’re not cheap,’ quips Hartwig.”

Read the entire case study by Quality Digest here.