Apprenticeship Program

Colonna’s Shipyard, Inc. established a formal Apprenticeship Program in 1986. Since then, many apprentices have graduated and pursued careers in the shipyard in their respective trades or management positions. One of Colonna’s most valuable assets is its skilled workforce representing the full spectrum of marine trades including highly skilled welders, shipfitters, electricians, pipefitters, inside and outside machinists, riggers, carpenters, painters, and dockmasters. Colonna’s employs more than 500 people and enjoys an exceptionally cooperative team relationship among its employees.

Apprenticeship Program Class 2015

We Invest In You

Colonna’s Shipyard, Inc’s Apprentice Program provides employment while learning a skilled trade under the guidance of some of the most experienced craftspeople in the industry. With hands-on, one-on-one training you will get the help and guidance that is needed to become a leader in whichever field that you choose.
We will invest in your training and development, and provide you with the technical skills you’ll need to be successful in your respective trade. Our family  will also provide you with the broader skills to help you succeed throughout your career. Here at Colonna’s Shipyard you are not just a number– you have a name and are an important part of our family.

Earn While You Learn

If you are looking to make a change in your life, look no further than Colonna’s Shipyard. Our Apprentice Program is a registered four year program that combines on the job training with college and trade classes. Use your GI bill to help pay for your classes while earning a full time wage. Apprentices are employed full-time by Colonna’s Shipyard, Inc. and earn a competitive wage while advancing to the journeyman level. We have partnered with Tidewater Community College to provide our apprentices with classroom instruction.  Apprentices graduate with a Certificate in Maritime Technologies or an Associate of Applied Science degree from Tidewater Community College.

Take The First Step

Becoming an apprentice in the Shipyard industry is a valuable asset that will put you on the fast track to the rest of your career. Your skills will be highly sought after and what better place to do it than at Colonna’s Shipyard? We treat our apprentices like a part of our family- your career is as important to us as you are.

What Trades Are Available?

Pipefitter, dockperson, rigger, electrician, ship fitter, outside machinist, inside machinist, welder, painter, maintenance mechanic, multi-craft ship mechanic, marine crane operator-rigger.

Qualifications Required

18 years of age or older, high school diploma or GED, demonstrate a reasonable degree of mechanical, math, and verbal aptitude, pass a physical examination completed by a company physician, physically able to perform the essential duties of the trade requested or assigned, complete Tidewater Community College’s placement test.

How Do I apply For the Apprentice Program?

** The Apprentice Program is not currently accepting applications at this time. **

Applications must complete (in order) the following items: incomplete packets will not be considered until complete.

  • Virginia Placement Test Scores from Tidewater Community College (testing locations can be found at
  • Copy of your High School diploma or GED
  • Copy of your college transcripts
  • Apprenticeship Employment Application

Completed applications and documents can be emailed to or hand delivered in a manila envelope to
400 E. Indian River Road
Norfolk, VA 23523
Attn: Leslie McAloose

If you have questions regarding your application, call Leslie McAloose at (757) 545-2414 ext. 231