On-Site/Field Machining Capabilities

Steel America is one of the only companies to offer full-service on-site/field machining services. Our specialized machining team performs tight-tolerance and specialty welding and machining for the marine, power, hydro, and military markets. Our versatile team of skilled tradesmen and women allow us to provide innovative solutions and complete a project with efficiency while staying under budget. We have a highly-skilled project management team with a stellar reputation for quality, schedule and budget. Our team can activate quickly and work around the clock to accomplish your unique project needs – including inspections, welding, machining, and preservation.

Field/On-Site Machining Trailer

Steel America’s Field/On-Site Machining trailer packed and ready for a West Coast project.

Why Choose Steel America?:

  • Project Management – We work closely with our customers to establish timelines, quality standards, and communication channels to ensure smooth and on-time project execution.
  • Expertise – Over 140 years of experience, an on-site welding engineer, and an extensive industry network of support allows our machine shop team to shine.
  • Versatility – Our wide-range of machines and equipment allow the Steel America team to successfully accomplish a variety of different project simultaneously without affecting project schedules.
  • Delivery – Our geographical location allows for project delivery via truck (I-64 and I-95 corridor), rail, or barge (located on the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River.

Industry Standards Met:

  • ISNet Member Contractor (400-232686)