Big Betts – Back in Business!

Published: Thursday, January 26, 2017
By: Stephanie Rubiaco, Marketing Coordinator

The big Bett’s lathe reassembled post-move

Our big Betts Lathe (95′ between centers, 144″ swing, and 200-ton capacity) is officially back in business! In late 2016 our team disassembled the lathe, upgraded some internal pieces, and reassembled the machine on it’s new foundation. We just finished our first shafting project post-move and everything ran as smooth as ever!

One of the main reasons our operations and management teams decided to move the monster machine was to help improve project flow through the shop. Our management team is constantly evaluating how the shops operate to see if there may be a way to help streamline production. Our Opportunities For Improvement (OFI) program is another avenue for increasing efficiency in the shops. Our resource managers, production managers, and management team encourages employees to recognized areas for improvement and submit an OFI form for review. Top OFIs at the end of the month/quarter/year receive special recognition and a reward. We truly value each employee’s input and suggestions on how to make Steel America a safer and more efficient place to work.