Our Sister Company: Colonna Down River

leonhart-welding-padeyeThe rapid repair division of Colonna’s Shipyard, known as Colonna Down River Division, is a versatile extension of the shipyard, designed to mobilize outside the gate on a 24/7 basis for pier-side and underway emergencies or pre-planned voyage repairs.

Colonna Down River Division is a full service Marine Repair Contractor bringing all of the topside resources of a major shipyard directly to your vessel for timely and efficient repairs to minimize port downtime. Colonna Down River’s skilled and qualified workforce represents the full spectrum of marine trades, including but not limited to welders, ship fitters, electricians, pipe fitters, machinists, and painters. They are prepared to mobilize on short notice everyday of the year, around the clock.

In addition to portable machine and equipment shops that are deliverable pier-side or lifted on-board when containerized, Colonna Down River’s mechanics are supported by the main shipyard assets which include inside machine shops with lathe capacity up to 200 tons, and structural steel fabrication of virtually any dimension. Further, Colonna Down River’s managerial, technical and supervisory skills combine these human and equipment assets to ensure a high quality result for each project.

Colonna Down River Division is your solution for emergency repairs either underway with our port-to-port riding crews or pier-side at the terminal.  Colonna Down River is flexible and responsive to any topside repair requirement whether a minor repair or high dollar improvement. Colonna Down River’s commitment to you is to ensure a professional, fairly priced, and timely completion of work within a framework of excellence at every level.

  • Long term sustainment
  • On-site turn key construction
  • Mobile work force
  • Mobile rapid response
  • Port-to-Port riding repair crews
  • Multiple shipyard trades
  • Badged supervision & personnel
  • Portable equipment
  • Main shipyard fabrication and machining support

For more information about Steel America’s sister company, Colonna Down River, please visit their website at www.colonnaship.com/down-river.